18-22 June 2019г., Pomorie, Bulgaria

Dear friends of mediation, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the Third Summer School of Communication, Negotiation and Mediation! This year you will have the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and practical skills, gained during the seminar of the last-year’s guest lecturer – prof. George Siedel /USA/.

Main guest lecturer at the III International School – 2019 is the renowned attorney, arbitrator and mediator Teresa F. Frisbie from the USA - https://www.nadn.org/teresa-frisbie.

Duration of the school - 5 days (4 nights) - 18 June - 22 June 2019

Participants will have the unique opportunity to participate in a full 3-day course on negotiation “Negotiation and Dispute Resolution: Raising Emotional Intelligence at the Mediation Table”, led by Teresa F. Frisbie, including topics such as:

Day 1: Introduction to alternative dispute resolution. Practical strategies on negotiation leading.
Day 2, Day 3: Emotional intelligence at the negotiation table and mediation. Practical strategies on use of language of self-distancing during negotiation and leading the mediation procedure.

Teresa F. Frisbie’s lectures will focus on practice, and will include interactive activities, exercises, case role-playing, many examples of her long practice as an attorney, arbitrator and mediator. Teresa has facilitated, arbitrated and mediated hundreds of cases in different fields of the law, incl. commercial and business conflicts, as well as occupational conflicts.

We hope to see again those of you who participated in the first two editions of the School from 2017 and 2018, as well look forward to meeting new friends and partners.

We offer:

Venue – Bulgaria, city of Pomorie, Sopharma resort buildings

Fees – School participation fee - 380 BGN for 5 education days; in case of early-bird registration before the 15th April –10% discount; 10% discount for registration of 2 and more participants from one organisation.

Fees cover the education and do not include, as follows: accommodation, food, transport /these expenses are paid by the participants separately/.

Food expenses /breakfast and lunch/, as well as accommodation in the Sopharma resort will be announced together with the REGISTRATION FORM.
Accommodation at the Alciona hotel is to be reserved by the participants themselves. The accommodation for attending the School is a 4-night stay. Additional information on the certification course will be presented on spot.

Participants are allowed to individually organize their accommodation in another place of their choice. The event organizers retain their right to make changes in the program, of which every participant will be duly and timely notified. Kindly note that Mrs. Teresa Frisbie's seminar will be held in the English language, with real-time translation in Bulgarian.

Main guest-lecturer: Teresa f. Frisbie

Teresa F. Frisbie is the director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, USA. She has more than 30 years of legal practice as a lawyer, has been an arbitrator since 1990, and a mediator since 1998. She has arbitrated and mediated hundreds of cases and has taught mediation, negotiation and international arbitration to judges, lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, executive directors of international companies, law students from all over the world. Teresa was elected Mediator of the Year for 2018 by the Chicago Dispute Resolution Association. In addition to her successful work as an arbitrator, as well as to her career as a legal representative in a wide range of cases, trade and labor disputes, Teresa has helped mediate dozens of individuals and companies to solve cases, including disputes between business partners, executive directors, employers and employees (from restrictive agreements to discrimination at work), between heirs and many others. Teresa is regularly invited to deliver lectures on topical issues related to alternative dispute resolution while periodically publishing her articles in the prestigious Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.


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Accreditation from PAMB for Ukrainian Colleagues (Already)

PAMB trainers delivered  in August 2014 Mediator skills training for Alexander Omer-Imereli, Andrii Bigdan,  Vadym Rakhlis and Valentyn Gostiev - all of them citizens of Ukraine.