The introduction
In the beginning, the mediator will describe the procedure, its principles and rules. 

The first joint meeting

After the introduction, the mediator will give the opportunity to each party to describe its point of view. In this initial session the mediator collects as many facts as possible and clarifies as many discrepancies between them as possible, as well as all possible points of contact.

Separate meetings

When the joint discussions between the two parties and the mediator reach to a point where there is no progress anymore, the mediator appoints separate meetings with each party. During those separate meetings the mediator clarifies the story of each party, searches for facts, priorities, positions that are not subject to alteration, hidden interests, and examines the possible solutions. The separate meeting is carried out only provided that you have given consent and by the decision of the mediator. It is absolutely confidential – nothing of what you say during this meeting may be shared with the other party without your permission. 

The solution

An effective mediator helps you to make a realistic assessment of the subsequences from a possible solution or from continuation of the argument. In the course of the last separate meetings the mediator will summarize the main points of consent between you and the other party.

  • You can settle the argument as you think best – you can reach an agreement on all, several or none of the disputable issues.
  • The argument is concluded between the parties orally or in writing, or in written form certified by a Notary.
  • Executive power may be vested in the agreement when it is certified by a Notary or when it is affirmed by a court or arbitration.
    • In case of pending argument, the agreement should be brought to a court/arbitration for approval, as a court/arbitral agreement
    • If no case has been initiated, the argument may be affirmed pursuant to the summary proceedings by the Court of Arbitration with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Accreditation from PAMB for Ukrainian Colleagues (Already)

PAMB trainers delivered  in August 2014 Mediator skills training for Alexander Omer-Imereli, Andrii Bigdan,  Vadym Rakhlis and Valentyn Gostiev - all of them citizens of Ukraine.